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CigGo Banshee/Tattoo Customized Letters updated manual

Please read the manual carefully before operations

Operation adviceļ¼š

1.Please be sure the CigGo Banshee/Tattoo Mod power on
2.Connect the CigGo Banshee/Tattoo Mod with you computer, and then hold the two wattage adjust buttons for 5 seconds the display will show you UPDATE Run the software you have which you get from the official channel. You will see picture as below.

3.Click link to download CigGo Banshee/Tattoo Customized Letters, For Banshee , Or For Tattoo Plastic , For Tattoo Plating  Run the software as  administrator .You will see picture as below .

Do not use the firmwave of Banshee on the Tattoo box mod, or else, your Tattoo box mod will be dead. at the mean time, do not use the Tattoo firmwave on the Banshee box mod, or else your Banshee box mod will be dead. For tattoo , you should choose correct version which one of Plastic and Plating.

if you have had problem with software upgrade, and your CIGGO banshee/Tattoo MOD  could not be switched on any more, please choose backto factory version for a upgrade.

 4.Click on the start, wait to the operation finish. Once the picture below show up, means the updated finished.

Important warning:Please don’t disconnect the USB. If you failed to upgrade the software in the Boxmod, also your CIGGO mod can not be switched on, Don't worry, just connect you CIGGO boxmod with your computer, no need to press any buttons, choose BACK TO FACTORY SETTINGS Version for banshee   , and run it directly, the update will be work.and restart your CIGGO Banshee mod, vape on!

 if you get the message  "can't find usb hid device " , you must  run update software as  administrator  .

 if you have had problem with software upgrade, and your CIGGO banshee MOD  could not be switched on any more, please choose this version for a upgrade.

5.Restart the CigGo Banshee Mod, and then enjoy the vaping


Notice: How to edit your led screen

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