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Al Alloy body,stainless steel herb chamber.

  • 6 temperature settings,

  • 2300mah battery support 100minutes working,

  • 10minutes shut off for safty and save the power,

  • 6 different color LED indicat different temperature,

  • cold air in flow no inside air ,all fresh air cycle

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Herbstick Vaporizer

Ideal design:

HerbStick Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece is replaceable, healthy!

Fresh and cool air flow free to ensure herb have pleasant burning life.
Rotate the holder can stir ground tobacco.

Stainless steel mesh surface, expedite ventilation and heat dissipation.
Ensure vaporizer surface not too hot.

Six temperature stages available, more choices for vaporizer user.

Different temperature would help you select a best taste.  

Durable aluminum shell, protect the inside components  

Herbstick Specifications:

  • Size  29*29*140mm
  • Weight:120g
  • Capacity:0.3g 
  • Battery:3.7v /2200mah
  • Output of Charger: DC5V
  • Resistance: 0.5Ω-1Ω
  • Charging time: 2.5~3h
  • Charging current: 1A

Ultimate Vapor Control:

The LED of Herbstick has dual roles. Use the LED indicator to know the battery power level and the temperature stage. Cutting-edge control system help select the ideal temperature for vaping.

  • Battery power level
  • White 50%-100%
  • Blue 20%-50%
  • Red 0-20%
  • Temperature range
  • Cyan 160±3℃ (320℉)
  • Blue 170±3℃ (338℉)
  • Green 180±3℃(356℉)
  • Purple 190±3℃(374℉)
  • Yellow 200±3℃(392℉)
  • Red 210±3℃(410℉)

To switch to higher temperature, press the button 2times within 1.5Seconds.
Relative LED flashes for 3times when switch to next temperature stage. When temperature reaches relative range, LED flash for 3times again to prompt user to smoke.

Using the Herbstick:

  • 1. Screw the mouthpiece off.
  • 2. Fill the vaporizer with ground tobacco.
  • 3. Screw the mouthpiece onto the Herbstick fairly tightly.
  • 4. Press the button up to 3 seconds manually to turn the Herbstick on. The LED will flash 5times and then keep lighting on. LED color show the power level of battery. 
  • 5. Press the button 2times in a row within 1.5 seconds, LED flash green color 3times and then the vaporizer begin to work. 
  • 6. Enjoy your vaping experience.


First stage is the default, just press the button 2times in a row within 1.5 seconds directly switch to next stage. Relative LED flashes 3times and switch to relative temperature stage.
The Vaporizer is automatically power off after 10 minutes without any operation after turn on.

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